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Dustin and Marie are such a lovely couple! They got engaged in Santa Barbara last year, and had their wedding on their one year anniversary of getting engaged! How fun is that?! They are from Canada, so when they told me they wanted to get married in SB, I was so excited!! They had a beautiful and intimate destination wedding at the Santa Barbara Court House followed by a great reception at Stella Mare’s! One of my favorite things about their wedding is that they allowed amble amount of time in the day for photos, so we got to go to one of my favorite location and take some breathtaking images!!  I am so excited to share these with you!  Congrats Dustin and Marie!

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Sergio and Katherine are awesome!! They had a small intimate ceremony on a beautiful sunny day at the Santa Barbara Court House, and it was perfect!! Sometimes I forget how incredible our Court House is, and photographing this wedding reminded me of all the beauty!! Our court house has some of the coolest architecture!!
These two are such a sweet couple, and have an amazing love for each other and an awesome family! James and I had a blast photographing their wedding and we are so excited for their marriage!!


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I am SO glad the fog burned off and the sun came out to shine for Sergio and Katherine’s lovely wedding at the Santa Barbara Court House today!! Here’s a sneak peek:

Jessica Fairchild 001-4

Hands down two of my favorite people in the world!
such a blessing to be able to photograph their special day….from the rehearsal dinner to waking up SUPER early on the day of to photograph Britt and Mike skating together, it was a wedding that I will never forget and was one of my favorite weddings I have ever had the pleasure of attending and photographing…and by the end I felt like I was part of the family!

Mike and Jen I love you both dearly and am so blessed by the way you reflect our savior’s love….praying for you lots in this new season!

Engagement photo shoots are definitely one of my favorite things to do.

I had the pleasure of photographing this lovely couple at the Court House, and had a blast.
Not only are they beautiful people, but they have incredible personalities and laughter that is quite contagious!

Here are a few of my favorites from the shoot:

When I look back at my freshman year, I have some incredible memories of the ladies I lived with in Clark M.

This year the ladies in Clark R have been through an exceptional and emotional year, which has only made them closer.
They asked me to take some photographs of their section of 20 girls before the year was over, and I happily agreed.

We had a lovely time at our shoot at the Santa Barbara Court House.
Here are a few of my favorites:

The lovely ladies of Clark R:

Then we did some photos of roommates:

this one

this one

and then we did photos of every resident with the RA:

All in all, it was an incredible shoot and we all had a blast.

I’ve known these girls for a few years, and love them so much.
Since it is their senior year at Westmont College, they asked me to do a ‘fun friend photo shoot’ and I quickly agreed.
We did the shoot at the courthouse, and here are a few of my favorites.

P.S. They are all SO beautiful, that they made my job quite easy.

here is our band shot: