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beautiful. wonderful. lovely. inspiring. graceful….I could go on and on, but words could never describe how great these ladies are and how much I love them…they are some of the most beautiful women I have ever known and I am so blessed to call them friends and sisters…. I look up to each one of them because of their passionate love for Jesus, and am amazed at the way each one of them reflects His love….seriously they are not only beautiful women, but they were all glowing throughout the whole shoot!!!!

Ladies thank you for letting me have the honor of photographing you and your lovely housemates…I truly had a blast!!

I had the pleasure of being a GUEST at this wedding so I left my camera in the car….thinking I wouldn’t need it since I was just there to enjoy the celebration…but after the ceremony I ran to the car to get my camera because I couldn’t handle being without it….and it didn’t help that every aspect of the wedding was absolutely gorgeous and all of my incredible friends were ridiculously good looking and dressed up to the T-basically it NEEDED to be documented…so here are a few fun pictures I took (as a guest) at Tobi and Kristyn’s Santa Barbara wedding :)