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Matt + Selena are so cute together and James and I had such a lovely time getting to know them during their engagement shoot! Here is a little sneak peek!

Jessica Fairchild 001-5

sneak peek from a beautiful family photoshoot James and I did on the Oxnard coast!!

Jessica Fairchild 007

These two are so fun and have a playful love for each other! James and I loved laughing with them throughout the shoot! We are so excited to photograph their wedding next spring!

Jessica Fairchild 048

Jessica Fairchild 052

Jessica Fairchild 001-4

Jessica Fairchild 001-7

Jessica Fairchild 006

Jessica Fairchild 015

Jessica Fairchild 019

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Jessica Fairchild 075

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Tyler + Monica
sneak peek from their wonderful engagement session!
Tyler and Monica are an amazing couple, full of laughter and joy! We had a great time on their photoshoot, and the warm golden light was so beautiful!!

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Simple and elegant. Here’s a little sneak peek of their gorgeous wedding at the Biltmore.













I had the hardest time editing these images because all I wanted to do was share every single one with you on here!
Truth be told, I’m not finsihed with them, but I just had to share a few.

So enjoy, and know that there are many more where these came from!


So, Danielle’s family moved into a new neighborhood and her mother prayed that she would find a new best friend and a few days later she met Darren. Her mother never specified the gender of this new friend. A little while later they starting dating, and as you can see, got engaged. Darren, the answer to a mother’s prayers.

I love this couple, and clearly they love me too, because they drove 8 hours for a 2 hour engagement shoot. Winning!

I absolutely adore this couple!
Jay and Inge are so cute together and when they showed up on a tandem bicycle and heart balloon I just about melted!

So cute but also so romantic…they make me excited to truly fall in love one day.

Inge is from South Africa and at one point during the shoot she told me the way I hide in the bushes reminded her of how a tiger looks…quite possibly one of the best compliments I’ve ever received…I got so excited

Such a fun day, such a fun shoot, and I cannot wait for their wedding in a few weeks!! Yay!

I had a blast working with Jaron to build his modeling portfolio.
Here are a few from our shoot at Goleta beach:

There is something magical about this family.

I was contacted by a mutual friend who informed me that Jane, the mom, had been diagnosed with cancer, and they wanted one last photoshoot of their family before she went through chemo. I was so humbled to be asked to photograph them, and had no idea that I would leave the photoshoot feeling as if they had given me a gift.

They are such a beautiful example of what God designed family to be, and although they have a tough road ahead of them, they are standing firm. Even spending just a little bit of time with them I am inspired by their hope, and I truly believe Jesus is going to be made more beautiful to them through this all.

Here are a few photos from our shoot.

The incredible mother, Jane: