about me

I am in love with love.
There is something so attractive about two people in love, you can’t
hide it, it radiates and spills onto everyone you meet…
It’s a love that moves you to tears, can make you erupt into laughter,
and compels you to live life for another person who in turn makes you
smile, laugh, dream, and everything in between.
that’s my favorite thing about couples who are madly in love with each
other, your love is honest, your flirtation is playful and together
you are stunning.
I love creating an environment where you can be comfortable to be
yourself, have fun, play games, whisper to each other, have tickle
wars and skip and kiss and cuddle and hold each other till the sun
goes down, and just be together. I believe in love and I believe in
beauty and I truly enjoy being able to capture the essence of your
relationship with my camera.
I’m a lover, a cryer, a dreamer, and a hopeless romantic to the core.
I’m incredibly excited to hear your love story and I can’t wait to
capture it together.
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