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Brian and Kelly are two of my favorite humans! Here is a sneak peek from their absolutely phenomenal wedding yesterday!! It was perfect!

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Sergio and Katherine are awesome!! They had a small intimate ceremony on a beautiful sunny day at the Santa Barbara Court House, and it was perfect!! Sometimes I forget how incredible our Court House is, and photographing this wedding reminded me of all the beauty!! Our court house has some of the coolest architecture!!
These two are such a sweet couple, and have an amazing love for each other and an awesome family! James and I had a blast photographing their wedding and we are so excited for their marriage!!


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Here is a sneak peek from Aaron + Maureen’s beautiful wedding at the Fess Parker Santa Barbara! I loved the Hawaiian inspiration, especially in her gorgeous bouquet by Ella & Louie

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I am SO glad the fog burned off and the sun came out to shine for Sergio and Katherine’s lovely wedding at the Santa Barbara Court House today!! Here’s a sneak peek:

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I am so excited Cody + Amy’s wedding is featured in MyWeddings Summer magazine! Their wedding was gorgeous and did a fantastic job displaying their wedding!!

Here are the page spreads, below!

Check out the whole magazine here 

summer wedding magazine

page 42

page44 page 46

page 48

page 50

page 52 and 201

page 202

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How cool is this couple for getting married at the Zoo?? When they contacted me and told me they were getting married at the zoo, I was thrilled! Not only is the Santa Barbara Zoo an amazing and beautiful location, they also bring the animals out for part of the cocktail hour AND guests get to feed the giraffes!! Incredible!! Jason and Liz are a fun and playful couple, and their wedding was a beautiful celebration of their marriage!! James and I had a blast photographing their wedding, and we still can’t get over how cool it was to mingle with the flamingos!! Congrats Jason and Liz!!

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Check out this amazing and simple decor: lavender and gold animals! Each guest got a different animal, how fun is that!!

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ALWAYS a pleasure to work with our favorite DJ, DJ Heckick

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The A-Team. A necessary selfie! 
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Josh and Laura are awesome! They are the type of couple who makes you want to air high five everyone around you! Yeah, they’re that awesome! And as you may have guessed, their wedding was nothing short of awesome! It took place in beautiful downtown Santa Barbara at the SB Historical Museum, and they got ready at the newly renovated El Encanto. They picked two of my favorite locations, which was a dream come true for photography!! Laura was absolutely stunning, Josh looked so handsome and their bridal party and families are fantastic! It was a glorious day and a perfect celebration of their marriage!! Congrats Josh and Laura!!

They fed the giraffes and mingled with flamingos! Sneak peek from their amazing wedding at the ZOO!!

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A little sneak peek from Josh and Laura’s beautiful wedding today at the Santa Barbara Historical Museum!!

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Darren and Kitra had such a fun country wedding!!

The day started at the mother of the bride’s house, which is a gorgeous house in the middle of the country with incredible views of acres and acres of rolling hills, horses and oak trees!! Then after the bridesmaids and bride were finished getting ready we went outside and we had horses join us for photos!! Kitra and her family own quite a few horses so we took a few photos with them and then released them back onto the property! Country living is so fun! Then we went to the local bar/saloon and it felt like it was out of the wild wild west!! We got some amazing portraits and I love the photos of the bride walking through the saloon doors!! So fun!! Their ceremony was at an old cowboy ghost town called Fox Creek Ranch, and the bride rode up to the ceremony in a classic red car!! Then after their ceremony we walked over to a huge oak tree and took some beautiful portraits of the family, bridal party and bride and groom (if you don’t already know, I absolutely love oak trees, so I was very excited).) And to top it all off the reception was a blast because it took place in the middle of the ghost cowboy town! The 350+ guests were amazing dancers and they danced, and spun around on the dance floor under white twinkle lights as the sun set and the stars came out! It was a gorgeous venue, and a perfect celebration of Darren and Kitra’s marriage!!

Darren and Kitra you are an incredible couple and James and I had so much fun photographing your amazing country wedding!!

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